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Family matters: Why Brian Campbell gave Blackhawks steep discount to return

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Campbell Lauren Miller met one night in downtown Rock-It-bar. Lauren was there with some friends when Campbell was presented.

"He asked me what I did and told me I'm a teacher," Lauren said. "I asked what he did and it's like, 'Oh, play hockey. And I say oh, okay, but what is your job?"

Lauren, a former special education teacher who completed his degree at DePaul and undergraduate studies at the UIC, was not exactly a fan of hockey, but she became one quickly. She started going to games and Brian taught him the rules. They had fallen in love, but not yet married in 2011, when Campbell was traded to the Panthers. The trade was a shock.

"It was difficult for us because I really do not understand hockey," said Lauren Campbell. "I think he played for Chicago and he was always going to play for Chicago. I went to college and graduate school in Chicago it was my first time ever leaving here."

She decided to pack up and move - well, pack some things and move. Campbell loved Chicago while not want to leave, and not exactly in love with Florida when they arrived.

"I remember our first night there was black thrown out and we were trying to find our place, find something to eat," said Brian Campbell. "If we could have packed up then maybe we would because it was a battle."

They lived outside of Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton for three years and two years in Parkland, which were both very far from downtown Chicago. Kane Jersey.

"You're used to living in the city and then you are in a community of golf and it takes you to a mile and a half to leave his compound," said Brian Campbell. "It just was not what we were used to."

Although it was not all bad. Campbell made friends in the area and eventually adjusted to life in Florida, while Campbell's career flourished in the ice. They would Chicago in the offseason and Lauren flew back when the Panthers were on the road.

But after marrying in 2012, they started a family and became a little more difficult to divide residences - and Chicago lost more than ever.

"There is much support there when the kids get sick or anything like that. I'm on the road, and there are so many friends," said Brian Campbell. "It was easier for me because I go to work every day, but Lauren was (harder) does not have the support, friends, trying to find friends there.

"It's not like going to Boston or something like that. The age difference in Florida (is great). So it was a little strange."

Lauren added: "It was so transient (in Florida) is not known very well to their neighbors.".

She compensates fly home to Chicago about once a month with Harper. But after Everley was born, he is trying to travel with two children who became an increasing annoyance.

"(With) two (children) was very difficult ..." Lauren said. "I could have been there when he was on the road, but had no family there."

In the last year of his contract, the desire to return to Chicago Campbell became even stronger. Lauren said Brian not push back, but Brian said there was little doubt in his mind what he wanted to do.

"It's something we've always wanted," said Brian Campbell.

Leaving money

One thing is you want to return to Chicago. It is another to make that happen, especially with the Hawks, who are under constant buzzsaw the salary cap. At 37, Campbell could still demand a higher salary. There were reports out of the Florida Panthers that they were offering $ 5 million to stay.

The Hawks wanted to upgrade their blue line, but could not do it at that price. If Campbell wanted to return you would have to accept less money - much less.

"Some people think you're crazy, but until we really know what our life is like and what we go through every day, there is definitely a massive price put that to be happy," said Brian Campbell. "Harper walks to school and are beginning to develop friendships with people outside of hockey. She has friends around the area. It's nice to have that part of life again.'ve Never had that."

The fact last contract of Campbell was so lucrative certainly took the decision easier to leave money on the table, and finally Campbell and the Hawks reached an agreement on a one-year contract that will end up paying Campbell $ million 2.25 - $ 1.5 million in base salary and a bonus of $ 750.000 once Campbell plays his tenth game.

It's not something you see every day in sports, an athlete having a contract for less than half of what you can do to be in a certain city. Blackhawks Winter Classic Jersey.

"Money is part of the business and we all know that, but I knew it would take a discount to return." Campbell said. "If I had gone much further south than that, I would be hard to justify, but ... It's a decision that had to be happy with and I'm very happy with it."

Lauren said: "It was practically a decision on the basis of happiness."

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